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Omnium Lite Version 7 & Cybersecurity

Omnium Lite Version 7 tracks/monitors who is logging in, who has unsuccessfully tried to log in, all tasks/processes running, detects all trends/patterns for example across disk space, memory, or CPU usage and all manner of abnormal pattern across resource usage or unrecognised running tasks or processes.


Omnium Lite Version 7 uses Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning capability to think like a hacker in the way that it proactively and intelligently patrols most avenues that could be vulnerable to a cyber attack.


For example, Application-layer attacks that employ DoS-causing exploits and can cause server-running software to fill the disk space or consume all available memory or CPU time, Omnium Lite will detect such an anomaly and report on it.


Omnium Lite as a DevSecOps tool not only carries out its core function of automatically Managing Test Environments and all IT Environments but provides a proactive security layer to pre-empt & identify all cyber attack attempts.

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