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What are the problems associated with using a Test Environment in most enterprise organisations?

21st May 2020



Comparison of a Development, Test/QA Environment, and the target Production IT Environment

Test Environment Management – TEMSCORP approach & study

Ensure that after developing any software application, function, subroutine; the platform, or test environment, it is tested on together with all configuration, settings, application code are the same as the target/final production environment that the code is to be promoted to.



Example scenario: The New York Stock Exchange Production System was offline for close to 4 business hours in 2015 at significant loss than ran into millions of dollars. The environment the code changes made was tested in was significantly different to the production system, so the production system failed after the deployment.


  1. What Test, Development, Non-Prod environments do I have, who is using it when and how?
  2. How much will it cost me to provision more environments based on the planned or proposed projects over the next few years.
  3. Who else is logging into my Test Environment and changing my set up which could ultimately affect my test results?


Ensuring that in adopting the best practise of Continuous Integration & Delivery, our Test Environment Management approach, processes, and tools integrate seamlessly with other DevOps processes and tools as follows.




  • Requirements established/Raising a ticket to fix an issue that has occurred in the production system or raised as an issue by the business users – Atlassian Confluence & Jira toolsets are market leaders.



  • Provision, manage, schedule, book out your Development and Test Environments or platforms - Omnium Lite is the only truly focused Test Environment Management tool available commercially.



  • Development/Collaborative Development – Different programming languages for the actual development work and tools that underpin collaboration again Atlassian Confluence, Jira & Trello are market leaders.



  • Code Release Deployment and Automatic promotion of code to other environments to include production – Jenkins is a market leader.

Other market leading CI/CD tools

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